Joe Brady's Photo Editing Courses

Learn how to quickly adjust flat, boring images into striking photographs with beauty and impact!

Great for Any Experience Level
You don't need to be a master of these programs to benefit from these instructional classes! Each course provides step-by-step guidance to both the thought process and tools to adjust and enhance your images. From beginner to advanced users, everyone can use these techniques to bring out the full beauty in their photographs.

Step-by-Step Learning
Since each course is presented in a series of shorter videos, you can learn at your own pace and stop and start as you follow along. All of the image files used in the demonstrations are included with each course so you can see how each step of the editing process affects each image.

Four Courses Available

Individual courses are available based on specific needs. For the two basic areas of interest - Landscape and Portraits - there is a Lightroom and Photoshop Course for each focus. Keep in mind that if the subject has eyes - it’s a portrait! Pets and wildlife will greatly benefit from the techniques presented in the portraits classes.

The Lightroom Courses cover most all of the editing tools in the Develop Module to shape and enhance your images. You will be taken step-by-step through the thought process and approach to bring out all of the beauty that remains hidden in your raw captures.

The Photoshop Courses pick up where Lightroom leaves off and covers more advanced topics that only Photoshop can accomplish. Adding skies, moving objects, reshaping areas of an image, color corrections and more are covered in each Photoshop Course.

All Four Courses Complement Each Other!

Even though the Courses are labeled as “Landscape” and “Portrait” Editing, the different approaches and techniques covered apply to the other focus. Topics covered in the Portrait Editing courses apply to Landscapes and topics covered in the Landscape Editing courses are very useful for Portrait editing.

But Wait! Two New Courses Available!

Intro and Getting Organized with Lightroom

We’ve had requests for two very different expansions of the Lightroom and Photoshop courses. The new Lightroom Course covers the basics from getting started and organized in Lightroom, to importing files from both cards and hard drives. You are then taken through basics Develop modules demonstrations to get you comfortable with the ease and power of adjustments in Lightroom.

Advanced Landscape Edits with Photoshop

The new Photoshop Courses introduces more advanced topics than covered before including enhancement techniques going into Lab Mode, using black and white layers for Luminosity Layers and advanced use of the Content-Aware Scale tool. There are also two in-depth demonstration taking you from the start in Lightroom to advanced edits involving color and pixel-based editing and then back into Lightroom for final cropping and vignetting. Though these techniques are more advanced, they are also presented in a step-by-step manner that everyone can follow along with.


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